Dynamical systems are, and it always has been, one of the main lines of research in Mathematics. The interest of all human civilizations to understand the movements of the planets, the evolution of populations, or the discovery of chaotic dynamics on robust deterministic systems, makes dynamical systems a main goal of study. After many years of development, the area of dynamical systems has undergone various branches to provide answers to questions of diverse nature.

Our group of research is an example of all these bifurcations that occurred in dynamical systems over the years.  Precisely the starting point can be situated in 1979 when Jaume Llibre presented his Ph. D. "Evoluciones finales y movimientos quasialeatorios en el problema restringido de tres cuerpos", under the supervision of Carles Simó. Although celestial mechanics was the main field of research of the group, we can assert that currently there are three more lines in which the group is active. This growth (in fields of interest and active research) explains that after more than 40 years of activity, scientific leadership is now shared by different people.  As a consequence of the particular history of the group, most of the researchers work in more than one research line. This transversality gives richness and coherence to our research project. 

We hope that these pages give you enough information about our research activity in dynamical systems. We encourage everybody interested to sail on them.

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