David Martí Pete

Personal Information

Position: Lecturer at University of Liverpool
Email: david.marti-pete@liverpool.ac.uk
Personal page: http://www.davidmartipete.cat/
Research Center: University of Liverpool

Liverpool (UK)

Former years: 2011-2013

PhD Advisors: Phil Rippon (OU), Gwyneth Stallard (OU) & Núria Fagella (UB)

Fields of Interest:

I am interested in the field of complex dynamical systems, which studies the discrete dynamical systems associated to the iteration of some holomorphic map in a Riemann surface. More precisely I study the dynamics of transcendental holomorphic self-maps of the punctured plane $\mathbb{C}^*=\mathbb{C}\setminus{0}$, i.e. those for which the origin and infinity are essential singularities.