Below we list some of the groups which we collaborate with. This list is not complete or exhaustive and the links may not be active.

Research Groups

  • Barcelona UB-UPC Dynamical Systems Group (Barcelona, SPAIN) [www]
  • Dynamical Systems Group (Warwick, UK) [www]
  • Dynamical Systems Group at Hasselt University (Diepenbeek, BELGIUM) [www]
  • Dynamical Systems group of UFG (Goiania, BRAZIL) [www]
  • Espacios de Banach y Sistemas Dinámicos (Huelva, SPAIN) [www]
  • Grup de Sistemes Dinàmics UIB (Illes Balears, SPAIN) [www]
  • Grup de Sistemes Dinàmics UPC (Barcelona, SPAIN) [www]
  • Grupo de Sistemas Dinámicos (Oviedo, SPAIN) [www]
  • Grupo de Sistemas Dinâmicos da UNESP (Sâo José do Rio Preto, BRAZIL) [www]
  • Research group on Differential Equations (Granada, SPAIN) [www]
  • Seminari de Sistemes Dinàmics (Lleida, SPAIN) [www]
  • Sistemas Dinàmicos (Murcia, SPAIN) [www]
  • The Dynamical Systems Group At Boston University (Boston, USA) [www]


  • Sistemes Dinàmics a Catalunya [www]
  • DANCE Thematical Network (Dynamics, Atractors, Nonlinearities, Chaos, and Stability) [www]