Pere Mumbrú

Personal Information

Position: Associate Professor at UB
Research Center: Universitat de Barcelona
Location: Barcelona (SPAIN)
Former years: 1983-2005
Research Area:

Pere Mumbrú (Barcelona, 1983, Premià de Dalt, 2005) was a global personality who became interested in different of life science and culture. He was doing active research in the field of Teaching Mathematics and in Discrete Dynamical Systems. In this last field his interests and publications were distributed in the following topics:

  • Symbolic dynamics
  • Topological entropy
  • Models with minimal dynamics on trees and graphs
  • Characterization of the set of periods of continuous tree

Pere was an excellent mathematician. He had a deep and creative thinking, a great capacity for work and a contagious enthusiasm. His contributions were very important to understand phenomena related to chaotic dynamics in one-dimensional spaces. In this field he developed a unique insight that helped many of his colleagues.

Pere also had an intellectual side. He was a man deeply interested in everything going on around them. Lover of reading, cinema and art in all its manifestations. Interested in psychology, education, politics,... He maintained a discreet but constant political activity in his town, away from political parties but spending part of his free time to influence the political life of his people.

Extracted from the paper In memoriam published in "Notícies the la Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques, (23) pp. 11-15, 2007 (In Catalan)"


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