Workshop on Dynamics of Vector Fields [ Back ]

21.05.92 - 22.05.92
Barcelona, Spain
Jaume Llibre


Ll. Alsedà, J. C. Artés, J. Chavarriga, A. Cima, B. Coll, A. Delshams, A. Gasull, A. Guillamon, X. Jarque, R. Kooij, Chengzhi Li, J. Llibre, F. Mañosas, R. Prohens, J. W. Reyn, W. Slenk, J. Torregrosa, Yanqian Ye, Zhang Zhifen.




J. C. Artés "Separatrix connections in gradient quadratic vector fields"
J. Chavarriga "Integrable planar polynomial vector fields with a linear centre"
B. Coll "Limit cycles for a class of differential equations with discontinuous right-hand sides"
A. Gasull "Algebraic properties for the Liapunov constants"
A. Guillamon "Stability of limits cycles: a geometric approach"
X. Jarque "Structural stability of planar hamiltonian vector fields"
R. Kooij "On polynomial systems with algebraic invariant curves"
R. Kooij "On polynomial systems with centers and limit cycles"
Chengzhi Li "Limit cycles for bounded quadratic systems"
J. Llibre "On the dynamics of surface vector fields and surface homeomorphisms
F. Mañosas "Global injectivity via vector fields"
R. Prohens "Quadratic systems with two critical points and one of them degenerate"
J. W. Reyn "Classification in R12 of phase portraits of quadratic systems with a few finite singular points"
J. Torregrosa "Euler-Jacobi's formula for double points and applications to quadratic and cubic systems"
Yanqian Ye "Bifurcation problem of bounded quadratic systems"
Zhang Zhifen "Number of limit cycles of quadratic Hamiltonian vector fields after quadratic perturbations"