Nice Barcelona Workshop on Dynamical Systems [ Back ]

06.07.93 - 09.07.93
Barcelona, Spain
Lluís Alsedà and Jean-Marc Gambaudo (Institut Non Lineaire de Nice)


M. Misiurewicz "Cycles for disk homeomorphisms and thick trees"
J. Casasayas "Lefchetz zeta functions and forced set of periods"
A. Nunes "Knots and links in integrable hamiltonians"
E. Pecou "A topological invariant for volume preserving diffeomorphisms"
J. Llibre "Minimal sets of periods for various classes of maps"
J. Los "Train tracks and the conjugacy problem"
M.V. Otero-Espinar "Dynamique symbolique pour la renormalisation d'endomorphismes d'entropie nulle de l'intervalle"
O. Courcelle "1-2 rough renormalisation + thickening"
F. Esquembre "On the topological dynamics of triangular maps"
J. Guaschi "Linking numbers of periodic orbits"
E. Lacomba "Generic properties of Hamiltonian polynomial vector fields"
J.M. Gambaudo "Maps at the boundary of chaos on the 2-sphere"
V. Jiménez "Characterizing empirically observable chaos"
C. Leseduarte "Full periodicity kernels in dimension 1"
J.M. Moreno "A class of primary orbits of X maps"
B. Kolev "On a Theorem of Kerekjarto on periodic homeomorphisms"
P. Mumbrú "Continuity of entropy for bimodal maps"
Ll. Alsedà "Entropy for transitive maps"
M. Bosch "Bifurcation from non hyperbolic equilibria: an application in the planar MHD problem"
T. Hall "Entropy of partially formed horseshoes"
N. Fagella "Limiting dynamics in the complex standard family"
S. Ben Miled "Construction of cascade of periodic orbits"
F. Mañosas "On the real Jacobian conjecture"
A. Gasull "Index and multiplicity"