Workshop on Dynamical Systems [ Back ]

03.10.94 - 07.10.94
Barcelona, Spain
Jaume Llibre, Carles Perelló (UAB) and Carles Simó (UB)


A. Neishtadt "Destruction of adabatic invariants"
J. Llibre "Periodic orbits of Hamiltonian systems with two degrees of freedom"
I. Seimenis "The method of rational approximations for Hamiltonian systems of astronomical interest"
J.C. Tatjer "An approach to global models near a 2D homoclinic tangency"
A. Albouy "Central configurations for 4 equal masses"
E. Belbruno "A newly demonstrated low energy route to the moon using weak stability boundaries"
A. Olvera "Periodic orbits of the Froeschlé map"
B. Coll "Some applications of PDE to image processing"
L. Chierchia "Arnold diffusion for analytic systems"
P. Gutiérrez "Isoenergetic KAM theory nearly invariant tori"
Ll. Alsedà "Entropy for transitive tree maps"
X. Jarque "Planar polynomial foliations"
A. Calsina "Non-local reaction-diffusion equations modelling evolutionary stable strategies in biological evolution"
G. Fusco "Some aspects of the dynamics of the Cahn-Hilliard"
P. Mumbrú "Patterns for tree maps"
W. Szlenk "Immune response as a dynamical system"
V. Gelfreich "Splitting of separatrices for the standard map"
E. Fontich "Invariant manifolds of parabolic points"
J.P. Ramis "Gevrey separation of fast and slow variables"
T.M. Seara "Exponentially small splitting in 1+1/2 degrees of freedom Hamiltonian systems"
T. Lázaro "Exponentially small splitting in reversible systems"
J. Morales "Non integrability criteria for Hamiltonians in the case of Lamé normal variational equations"
J. Smítal "On the structure of the w-limit sets for interval maps"
A. Jorba "On quasiperiodic perturbations of elliptic fixed points"
R. Ramírez "Poincaré-Melnikov method for maps"
X. Mora "The dynamical approach to elliptic problem in cylindrical domains"
A. Calsina "Comparison principle and semilinear elliptic equations in cylindrers"
T. Hall "Bifurcation structure in the Hénon family"
D. Treschev "Application of the continuous averaging method to the standard map"
A. Guillamon "Perturbed 2D Lotka-Voltera systems via abelian integrals"
R. Ramírez "Dynamics of systems with constraints"
C. Simó "A zoo of attractors for a family of 3D diffeomorphisms"
A. Gasull "Cyclicity of a family of polynomial vector fields"
A. Jorba "A new approach to the Floquet problem for quasiperiodic systems"
J. Bernat "Counterexamples to Kalman and Marjus-Yamabe conjectures"
C. Simó "Escape rates in Hamiltonian systems"