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07.06.00 - 11.06.00
Platja d'Aro, Spain
Núria Fagella, José González Llorente (UAB), Xavier Jarque, Xavi
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R. Bakula, M. Banaji, K. Baranski, M. Y. Barkatou, D. Beliaev, R. Bhattacharjee, I. Binder, J. Briend, X. Buff, G. T. Buzzard, M. Cerne, M. Comerford, E. Crane, R. Debalme, L. DeMarco, J. Diller, T. Dinh, R. Dujardin, D. Dumas, C. Dupont, A. Epstein, N. Eisen, C. Favre, M. Flores, M. Freiberger, R. Gareth, L. Geyer, J. Gudayol, V. Guedj, P. Haissinsky, C. Henriksen, C. Inninger, H. Inou, J. S. Jalving, M. Jonsson, W. Jung, V. Kauko, B. Kra, S. Krief-Detraz, F. Lárusson,D. Linares, N. Lindholm, S. Martín, J. Martínez, J. McDougall, C. Menini, G. Mikhalkin, M. Moreno-Rocha, Tuen Wai Ng, S. Nivoche, M. Ounaies, J. Parkkonen, J. Pau, R. Pérez-Marco, K. M. Pilgrim, I. Popovici, L. Rempe, M. Rivi, P. Roesch, M. Roginskaya, S. Rohde, D. Schleicher, A. Schuster, S. Smirnov, C. Stroh, L. Teissier, X. Tolsa, R. Trujillo, D. Varolin, C. Wolf, H. Zakeri.


K. Baranski "Iteration of cubic rational maps-bifurcations of Mandelbrot-like sets"
I. Binder "Harmonic measure and polynomial Julia sets"
J. Briend "Ergodic properties of holomorphic self-maps pf P2"
M. Comerford "Hyperbolic random Julia sets"
R. Debalme "Complete hyperbolic neighbourhoods in almost complex surfaces"
J. Diller "Iteration and degree growth for birational maps"
A. Epstein "Boundedness and unboundedness in the moduli space of quadratic rational maps"
C. Favre "Equidistribution towards the Green current"
M. Flores "On complete holomorphic vector fields"
L. Geyer "Linearization of fixed points and circle diffeomorphisms"
V. Guedj "Dynamics of polynomial mapping of C2"
P. Haissinsky "J-equivalent perturbation of geometrically finite polynomials"
C. Inninger "A class of rational functions whose Julia set is the whole Riemann sphere"
B. Kra "Denjoy maps and dimension"
F. Lárusson "A survey of the theory and applications of disc functionals"
M. Moreno-Rocha "Geometry of the antennas in the Mandelbrot set"
M. Ounaies "Zeros of entire maps and pre-image of discrete unavoidable sets"
J. Pau "Thin separated sequences for Hoo( D)"
K. Pilgrim "Decompositions and combinations of tame holomorphic dynamical systems"
I. Popovici "Hölder Julia sets, uniform hyperbolicity and Collet-Eckmann condition"
D. Schleicher "Escaping points of exponential maps"
S. Smirnov "Dynamics and dimension estimates in complex analysis"
D. Varolin "Open problems in the theory of large holomorphic diffeomorphism groups"
C. Wolf "Hausdorff dimension for polynomial diffeomorphisms in C2"
X. Buff "Root finding algorithms"
G. Buzzard "Hyperbolic automorphisms and holomorphic motions in C2"
M. Jonsson "Dynamics in the complex projective plane"
R. Pérez-Marco "The new renormalization"
S. Rohde "The Loewner differential equation"