Second Symposium on Planar Vector Fields [ Back ]

17.12.00 - 20.12.00
Lleida, Spain
Javier Chavarriga, Jaume Giné and Jaume Llibre
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C. Alonso, C. Alvarez, P. Aranda, J. C. Artés, L. Cairó, F. Cano, A Cima, M. E. Cobo Cortez, A. Delshams, F. Dumortier, T. Ferragut, J. P. Françoise, E. Freire, I A. Garcia, A. Gasull, L. Gavrilov, M. Grau, C. Gutiérrez, X. Jarque, J. Mallol, V. Mañosa, F. Mañosas, P. Mardesic, J. Moulin Ollagnier, M. Ndiaye, M. Nicolau, R. Ortega, C. Pantazi, J. S. Pérez del Rio, E. Ponce, R. Prohens, R. Ramirez, M. Reyes, J. J. Risler, G. Rodriguez, J. A. Rodriguez, R. Roussarie, C. Rousseau, M. Sabatini, N. Sadovskaia, N. Salih, F. Sanz, D. Schlomiuk, D. S. Shafer, J. Sorolla, J. Sotomayor, J. M. Strelcyn, E. Strozyna, I. Szantó, M. A. Teixeira, A. Teruel, J. Torregrosa, J. Villadelprat, Xiang Zhang, H. Zoladek.


L. Cairó "Darbouxian First Integrals and Invariants for Real Quadratic Systems Having an Invariant Conic"
F. Cano "Topological Equivalence of Vector Fields in Higher Dimension"
A. Cima "Period Function for a Class of Hamiltonian Systems"
M. Cobo "Interval Exchange and Piecewise Linear Maps"
A. Delshams "An approach to the Center-Focus Problem via Pseudo Normal Forms"
F. Dumortier "Perturbations from an Elliptic Hamiltonian of Degree Four"
J. P. Françoise "Global Estimates on the Number of Limit Cycles for Liénard's Equations"
E. Freire "First Derivative of the Period Function of a Centre"
I. A. García "On Limit Cycles for Quadratic Systems with Invariant Algebraic Curves"
A. Gasull "Upper Bounds for the Number of Limit Cycles of Some Liénard Differential Equations"
L. Gavrilov "The Infinitesimal 16th Hilbert Problem in the Quadratic Case"
C. Gutiérrez "Injectivity of C1 Maps R2®R2 at Infinity and Planar Vector Fields"
X. Jarque "Isochronicity in a Family of Planar Polynomial Hamiltonian Systems"
V. Mañosa "Monodromy, Stability, and Bifurcation of a Limit Cycle from Degenerate Singular Points of Certain Planar Vector Fields"
P. Mardesic "Linearizability and Complex Isochronous Saddles"
J. Moulin-Ollagnier "Some Remarks about the Integration of Polynomial Planar Vector Fields"
M. Nicolau "On the Hypersurface Solutions to a Pfaff Equation"
R. Ortega "Degeneracy in Periodic Equations"
J. S. Pérez del Río "Integrable Quadratic Vector Fields with Generic Algebraic Solutions"
E. Ponce "On the Double-Zero Unfolding in Symmetric Piecewise Linear Systems"
R. Prohens "Bifurcation of Limit Cycles from Hamiltonian Systems"
R. Ramírez "On the Polynomial Vector Field of Degree n with n-1 Algebraic Limit Cycles"
J. J. Risler "Invariant Curves and Topological Invariants for Real Plane Analytic Vector Fields"
J. A. Rodríguez "Not Notified"
R. Roussarie "Reduction of Several to one Parameter in Analytic Families of Planar Vector Fields"
C. Rousseau "Analytic Normal Form for Saddle-Nodes and Finite Cyclicity of Graphics"
M. Sabatini "On the Number of Large Amplitude Limit Cycles of Second Order Polynomial ODE's"
F. Sanz "Balanced Coordinates for Spiraling Vector Fields"
D.a Schlomiuk "Concepts for the Classification Problems of Planar Quadratic Systems"
D. S. Shafer "Geometry of Quadratic Cycles"
J. Sotomayor "Umbilic and Tangential Singularities on Lines od Curvature Configurations in Surfaces with Boundary"
J. M. Strelcyn "Mathematical Works of M.N. Lagutinskii (1871-1915)"
I. Szántó "Isochronous Centers and Real Invariant Straight Lines in Cubic Planar Systems"
M. Antonio Teixeira "Reversible Unfolding of Planar Degenerate Cusps"
A. E. Teruel "Limit Cycles, Poincaré Maps and First Integrals for Piecewise Linear Systems"
M. Villarini "Existence of Periodic Orbits via Fuller Index and Averaging Method"
Xiang Zhang "Local First Integrals of Differential Systems"
H. Zoladek

"Planar Periodic Systems Without Periodic Solutions"