Past talks in Working Seminar on Complex Dynamics

Categories: Working Seminar on Complex Dynamics

26.06.18   Dynamic Classification of Escape Time Sierpinski Curve Julia Sets IMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaRobert Devaney
18.06.18   Global dynamics of the real secant methodIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaToni Garijo
07.06.18   Approximation theory and applicationsIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaVasiliki Evdoridou
28.05.18   Do entire transcendental maps have infinite entropy?IMUB-Univesitat de BarcelonaAnna Miriam Benini
21.05.18   mating versus slow mating. Part IIIMUb-Universitat de BarcelonaToni Garijo
14.05.18   Mating versus slow matingIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaToni Garijo
24.04.18   Mating cubic polynomialsIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaMagnus Aspenberg
23.04.18   Transversality in holomorphic dynamicsIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaJordi Canela
16.04.18   Generalized rings around the McMullen domain. Part IIIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaToni Garijo
09.04.18   Generalized rings around the McMullen domainIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaToni Garijo
12.03.18   Bishop's construction and meromorphic mapsIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaXavier Jarque
26.02.18   On the classification Theorem of periodic Fatou components. Part IIIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaRobert Florido
19.02.18   On the classification Theorem of periodic Fatou componentsIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaRobert Florido
18.01.18   Tip Set Connectivity of Complex Trees: Mandelbrot sets for linear maps $\lambda_i z+1$ IMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaBernat Espigule
27.12.17   Parameter space of the complex standard family: Computational approachIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaDavid Martí-Pete
22.12.17   Parameter space of the complex standard family: Theoretical approachIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaDavid Martí-Pete
20.12.17   Singular values and non-repelling cycles of entire transcendental maps. Part IIIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaNúria Fagella
29.11.17   Singular values and non-repelling cycles of entire transcendental mapsIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaNúria Fagella
22.11.17   Dynamics of transcendental Henon maps. Part IVIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaAnna Miriam Benini
15.11.17   The secant method IMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaToni Garijo
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