Past talks in Working Seminar on Complex Dynamics

Categories: Working Seminar on Complex Dynamics

01.12.20   Collective dynamics and dimensional reduction for Kuramoto oscillator networks on-lineRobert Florido
24.11.20   On the dimension of escaping sets for exponentialson-lineBoguslawa Karpińska
10.11.20   Achievable connectivities of Fatou components for a family of rational maps. Part IIIon-lineDan Alexandru Paraschiv
27.10.20   Traub's method as a dynamical systemon-lineXavier Jarque
20.10.20   Smooth Siegel disks everywhereon-lineArnaud Chéritat
13.10.20   Relating a family of polynomials with the quadratic familyon-lineToni Garijo
06.10.20   The Gauss-Seidelization methodIMUB-Universitat de BarcelonaXavier Jarque
24.07.20   Local connectivity of Julia sets on-lineNúria Fagella
02.07.20   Global dynamics of Newton's method for complex polynomialson-lineMartí Pedemonte
02.07.20   Teorema de Denjoy-Wolff, extensions i aplicacionson-lineAnna Jové
25.06.20   Constructing examples of oscillating wandering domainson-lineVasiliki Evdoridou
18.06.20   Newton's method as a global dynamical systemon-lineXavier Jarque
11.06.20   Dynamics of a Julia sets which contains a Cantor set of quasicircles. Part IIon-lineJordi Canela
04.06.20   On the connectivity of the escaping set in the punctured planeon-lineDavid Martí-Pete
26.05.20   Singular values and nonrepelling cycleson-lineAnna Miriam Benini
12.05.20   Fatou coordinates in biological problemson-lineJordi Canela
28.04.20   Dynamics of a Julia sets which contains a Cantor set of quasicircleson-lineJordi Canela
21.04.20   On the separatrix graph of a rational vector field. Part IIon-lineToni Garijo
14.04.20   On the separatrix graph of a rational vector field on-lineToni Garijo
07.04.20   Distortion Theorems of conformal maps and applications. Part IIon-lineXavier Jarque
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