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16.06.14   Separatrix skeleton in some 1-parameter families of planar vector fieldsCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Magdalena Caubergh
27.05.14   A Gravitational Origin of an Arrow of TimeCRM - Aula A1 (C3b/-102)Julian Barbour
19.05.14   Central configurations of the 4-body problem with masses m1 = m2 > m3 = m4 = m > 0 with m smallCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Montserrat Corbera
12.05.14   Dynamical aspects of the trapezoidal 4-body problemCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Martha Alvarez--Ramírez
12.05.14   Stable fixed points for a class of planar mappings CRM - Auditori (C1/034)Rafael Ortega
05.05.14   Lyapunov stability analysis of equilibrium positions in restricted four-body problemCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Dzmitry Budzko
05.05.14   The Kaplan and Yorke method for studying the periodic solutions of some delay differential equationsCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Jaume Llibre
28.04.14   Obstructions to integrability of Hamiltonian systems using high order variational equationsCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Carles Simó
25.04.14   A qualitative and quantitative study of some planar differential equationsUAB (Sala de Graus I)Johanna García
22.04.14   On isochronous polynomial fieldsCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Martin Eduardo Frias
07.04.14   Mathematics and the "Dark Matter" Mystery from AstronomyCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Donald Saari
31.03.14   Relative equilibria in the curved N-body problem with negative curvatureCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Ernesto Pérez-Chavela
31.03.14   Approximating Mills ratio CRM - Auditori (C1/034)Armengol Gasull
24.03.14   Some results about the harmonic balance methodCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Johanna García
17.03.14   Configurations of limit cycles in Liénard equationsCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Rafel Prohens
10.03.14   Invariant tori in the spatial 3-body problem by averaging and reductionCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Patricia Yanguas
03.03.14   Nonlinear Stability of a Hamiltonian System in a Degenerate CaseCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Jesús Palacian
24.02.14   Dynamics of some dissipative gap mapsCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Márcio Ricardo Alves Gouveia
17.02.14   Traveling surface waves of moderate amplitude in shallow waterCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Anna Geyer
10.02.14   Analytic normal form of analytic dynamical systems on tori with small perturbationsCRM - Auditori (C1/034)Kesheng Wu
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