Marie Curie Fellowship


Periodic Orbits and Dynamical Systems

Improving Human Potential and Socio-Economic Knowledge base.
Contract Number HPMT-CT-2001-00247

Currently this project is out of date.

The Dynamical Systems Group (GSD) of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) have invited some young researchers as visitors with a Marie Curie predoctoral fellowships within the area of Dynamical Systems. The Mathematics Department at UAB has a strong reputation in dynamical systems, and has a large group of people working in this area.

The research area of our team is Dynamical Systems, both discrete and continuous, focussing attention on the periodic orbits. Among the topics in which the team is involved, we can quote: characterisation of the set of periods of self-maps on graphs and manifolds, limit cycles of polynomial vector fields, families of periodic orbits of several n-body problems.

The fellows will also meet the other mathematicians of the group or of our department as well as the researchers visiting the neighbour Centre de Recerca Matemàtica or Barcelona UB-UPC Dynamical Systems Group. Additional expected benefits for the fellows are: our the weekly seminar, the PhD courses,...

A supervisor chosen among the established mathematics in our team have been assigned to each fellow according to the proximity of the scientific interest. The supervisor have introduced the fellow into specific techniques and recent results in his research area and he also suggest tractable questions and provide access to all relevant literature.


Dan-Valentin Dobrovolschi National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology Bucharest, ROMANIA (01.05.03/30.04.04)
Jan Martin Hemke Kiel University GERMANY (15.09.02/14.09.03)
Arnd Lauber Goettingen University GERMANY (15.09.02/14.09.03)
Stuart Price University of Warwick UNITED KINGDOM (01.01.05/31.12.05)
Alexandrina-Alina Tarta Babes Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA (15.11.04/14.11.05)
Michael Todd University of Warwick UNITED KINGDOM (01.02.04/30.06.04)
Eva Uhre IMFUFA at Roskilde University DENMARK (01.02.05/30.04.05)
Mocek Wojciech Silesian University of Technology POLLAND (15.05.05/14.08.05)